October 11, 2018

KNS Offers New Nationwide Aerial Drone Services For Analyzing, Inspecting And Documenting Towers And Tower-Based Equipment.

New Nationwide Aerial Drone Services

January 1, 2018

Creek County Sheriff's Office Is First Agency In Colorado To Transform First Responder Communications With Firstnet

Communications With Firstnet

December 15, 2017

KNS Adds Experienced LTE Engineer to Team

LTE Engineer

October 30, 2017

KNS Communications to Partner with Domo Tactical Communications and Ceragon LTD at PORTCON 2017

Domo Tactical Communications and Ceragon

March 30, 2017

KNS New Product PowerSkids Is Capable of Supplying Power to Any Place on the Planet


March 30, 2017

KNS New Green Trailer Has Expanded Solar Capacity and More Space For Components

Green Trailer

February 14, 2017

KNS New Engineering Service, WirelessOptixTM, Continuously Monitors Outdoor WiFi Network Health

Continuously Monitor Outdoor WiFi Network Health

October 15, 2017

KNS to be Gold Sponsor at Sea Port Conference