Remotely Monitor and Optimize Your Wireless Network


WirelessOptix™ is an engineering service from KNS Communications Consultants that allows for us to continuously monitor the health of a mine’s outdoor WiFi network. With a steadily increasing reliance on the WiFi network to support mine applications such as autonomy, collision avoidance, FMS, VIMs, MIMs and voice the WiFi network health is critical to day to day operations.

The importance of data running over the network is critical to efficiency and safety of the mine. With WirelessOptix™ KNS can monitor core network KPIs such as latency, throughput and coverage. If there is a material change in any metric (often driven by changes in topology), the KNS team can analyze the network, make recommendations for changes then review the results—all without a trip to the site.

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KNS is taking the guesswork out of network maintenance with our network monitoring service. Download the WirelessOptixTM presentation to learn more.

Remote monitoring of outdoor wireless networks