Water, Wastewater & Utilities

It is important to keep your water and wastewater separated. If that is not obvious, we do not know what is. SCADA communications is the primary means of making this happen. While SCADA data requires very little bandwidth, the demand for security is increasing the demand for bandwidth significantly. Specifically, we are seeing a demand for video streaming to view critical transfer stations, lift stations and locations. This means more bandwidth and requires greater care in designing a network.

The same is true of the power grid. Again, secure, reliable communications are key. You cannot have a smart grid without them. With constant threats to our grid, physical security must be in place to monitor the substations, plant and transport to protect this vital piece of infrastructure.

KNS has designed and installed SCADA communications for utilities in 34 states. If you are utility or engineering firm looking for help creating a communications system to support your modern communications requirements, then we can help. We have a full complement of RF engineers plus subcontractors to create the wireless infrastructure you need. We will use a variety of tools to develop the appropriate solutions. In addition to SCADA we will likely use microwave, two-way radio and mesh radio to make the ecosystem secure, redundant and reliable for many years to come.

SCADA communications