Whether you have a dairy farm, raise pigs, produce vegetables, operate a feed lot or raise corn — profits are razor thin. Therefore, technology that can improve productivity is critical to ensuring your bottom line. One of the challenges our customers face is that technology is frequently available at the operating device yet the data needs to be collected, managed or analyzed elsewhere. An example is the Zimmatic center pivot that is controllable over the cell phone or iPad. What if there is no coverage? This is a very common problem in rural areas and an acute issue with the larger, more dispersed operations.

Microwave radios on the farm

Have you ever thought of tracking cows with RFID? What about ensuring your equipment data (tractors and combines) is tracked so you know when maintenance is needed? How about getting FeedWatch data real time? Through the technology available at KNS, farms can gather and transfer data, measure food and water given to crops and use GPS and RFID to keep track of cattle and heavy machinery.

Microwave communications to track cows