Microwave radios transmit and receive data, video or voice traffic between two given points in a digital format. This capability provides flexibility and redundancy to a wireless network implementation. Microwave technology is advantageous to deploy for short hops, the “last mile”, over difficult terrain or in rural environments. With reliable speeds up to one gigabit per second, microwave is an excellent addition, or alternative, to a wired network. Capable of operating in the licensed or unlicensed spectrums, microwave is not just for the kitchen.

KNS has an experienced team of engineers who will design your microwave system for seamless communication. We account for a multitude of environmental factors such as terrain, radio interference and distance. KNS offers multiple vendors solutions for Point to Point (PtP), Point to Multipoint (PtmP), and Multiple Address Systems (MAS).

Microwave radios on a communications trailer

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