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Once your wireless network is installed, periodic maintenance is critical for continuous optimal performance. Even if KNS did not install your network, we can maintain and ensure its performance.

Our Managed Services Include:

  • Maintenance Agreements
    • Service level
    • Time and material repair and maintenance
    • Preventive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance of your network
  • Regular preventive maintenance and optimization
  • Budgeted and Planned Managed Services Agreements
Technician doing maintenance on microwave radio

Equipment We Serve

Broadband Wireless

  • Mesh Radios
  • LTE
  • WiMax


  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multipoint

SCADA and Telemetry

  • MAS (Multiple Address Systems)

Land Mobile Voice

  • Mobiles
  • Portables
  • Repeaters
  • Voting Receivers
  • Bidirectional Amplifiers