State & Local Government

With a growing demand for public services, State and Local governments need fast and secure communications across multiple departments on a daily basis. From laptops in patrol vehicles, license plate readers, dash and vest cameras to computers, security cameras, two-way radios and dispatch centers, all these require a reliable, clean connection. To put these applications into action and take advantage of all of their functionality, government organizations need to have an infrastructure that is dependable and redundant while being optimal for all communication needs.

KNS provides a robust infrastructure with operational efficiencies that will help with mission critical expectations and processes. When an emergency occurs, it is common for public infrastructure to get stressed. Redundantly designed wireless communications enhance public safety, instantly capture and send data, photo or video over-the-air, and are capable of accessing critical government resources without compromising security – even when other means of communications are being stretched.

Emergency wireless communications

KNS employs many technologies to design reliable, scalable and redundant infrastructure systems to support the following available products: Voice, Microwave (PtP and PtMP), Trailers, Security Cameras, Accessories, GPS, RFID, Emergency Telephone (Code Blue).

Emergency wireless communications

“AirLife Denver provides emergency medical air transport to critically ill and injured patients. KNS has provided 24/7 emergency support for AirLife’s communication system, including their emergency dispatch console, voice radio, and ground-based aircraft radio. KNS currently maintains and supports the four-console emergency dispatch system, the circuits connecting all of the remote transmitters, and all of the radios and all of the ground-based communications involved. KNS has always responded very quickly to any emergency call received at any time of the day or night, and has proved professional support of our mission critical communications.” – Linda Gray, Interim Program Director, HealthONE AirLife Denver