SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is an industrial automation control system operating over a wireless network to provide control of remote equipment. SCADA is used to monitor, gather, and process data, remotely control machines and devices, and monitor information such as tank levels, pressures, valve position and flow rates at a centrally located master site. A SCADA system typically includes the device being controlled, for example a pump, the PLC (logic for how the device is controlled), and the radio for transmitting and receiving the data and the wireless network.

KNS Communications Consultants is an industry leader in the communication systems required for good SCADA networks. We use cutting edge technology coupled with our years of expertise to design, deploy, and maintain top of the line SCADA communication networks. Once deployed, our SCADA networks provide high-speed, dependable communications platforms for your control and monitoring of your remote devices.

SCADA radios

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