Oil & Gas

Managing drilling operations, producing wells, pipelines, gas gathering facilities and gas plants requires constantly collecting data. The challenge is compounded by the remote nature of the assets, extreme weather conditions and an ever increasing density of competitors’ equipment. This combination demands planning for everything ranging from the type of equipment, the frequencies you operate and data security.

A newly established field requires different management than an older asset. KNS’ team of RF engineers and technicians can service either requirement. With over 37 years of experience with RF technologies, KNS can analyze your needs and determine an action plan ranging from a new design to a maintenance program to ensure reliable, cost effective, operation while keeping your data secure. Our team at KNS emphasizes operating with the highest regard for safety while on your sites. Our safety program and training is designed to protect our team and you.

In addition to having the required safety equipment our team uses the most relevant technology to analyze and troubleshoot the equipment in your environment. Our expertise includes SCADA, two-way radio, microwave (both point to point and point to multi-point) and mesh radios. We can provide both licensed and unlicensed products to meet your needs. Lastly, if your needs include fiber or satellite we can take care of you as well.

Reliable communications networks in the field