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The smartphone has made the demand for wireless communications ubiquitous across a business. Whether the employee is in the warehouse, the production facility or the office, he wants to use his smartphone without incurring data charges. To make matters more complex, that employee does not want to wait for data to be transmitted. The need for speed! While managing the office environment of a business is fairly straightforward, once you get into warehouses, production facilities and outdoors, the rules change.

KNS designs and builds wireless networks that transcend all types of buildings. KNS uses its staff of engineers to ensure that there is no interference and throughput is maximized regardless of where someone is on the campus.

As an example, one of our customers has a large production facility with metal walls, refrigeration and clean rooms. This required special attention to several design elements – ensuring maximum functionality. While our competitors recommended more access points, our design ultimately had less hardware while providing greater bandwidth than they originally expected.

If your facility has unique characteristics and you need a wireless solution, KNS can help you.

Industrial wireless communications