All Corners Covered
Bringing Connectivity and Reliability Indoors

ACC, All Corners Covered, is a design and implementation service to ensure reliable, predictable Wi-Fi and cellular coverage indoors.

Wireless connectivity is expected in today’s businesses. It is no longer just “nice” to have. Today’s wireless users expect to communicate anywhere and everywhere – from parking garages to elevators to crowded stadiums. And, they expect connectivity for their cell phones as well as any WiFi enabled device. KNS has been engineering, deploying and maintaining outdoor wireless communications since 1979. Managing RF interference, hard to penetrate structures and complex problems associated with the demands for coverage in today’s indoor environments has caused us to take our party indoors. The same quality and attention to design that we have become known for outdoors is available inside your plant or building.

Our design and implementation service will aide in the following network problems for small and medium sized facilities up to 200,000 sq. ft:

  • No Service
  • Dropped calls
  • Slow internet speed most of the time
  • Text messages can be lost, stuck, or delayed for hours
  • Voice quality can be very unclear or choppy
  • Reduced battery life

This service includes the following steps:

  • Site Survey – a physical inspection of your facility to understand the layout and potential interference issues. During this survey we also check for potential interference from adjacent or rogue equipment.
  • System Design – predictive mapping of your facility to ensure reliable coverage when the equipment is installed. Includes using specialty engineering software to analyze the materials within or exterior to the building that can cause issues
  • CAD mapping of your facility if you don’t already have a drawing (optional)

For more information on how you can improve or install your indoor Wi-Fi and cellular networks, contact