Continuously Monitor Outdoor WiFi Network Health

KNS Communications creates new engineering service, WirelessOptixTM

Denver, CO – KNS has designed a service solution for cluttered networks, interference, poor capacity and poor channel planning. WirelessOptixTM is our new networking monitoring solution.

The importance of data running over the network is critical to efficiency and safety of the mine. With WirelessOptix™, KNS can monitor core network KPIs such as latency, throughput and coverage. KNS can analyze the network, make recommendations for changes then review the results—all without a trip to the site.

“KNS is excited to offer a cost-effective solution to WiFi network monitoring and optimization on the mine. In lieu of site visits, WirelessOptixTM allows us to take a pro-active approach while avoiding deterioration of network performance that can be common as the site changes”, says Will Sumners, Chief Operating Officer at KNS.

WirelessOptixTM is designed to continuously monitor the health of your outdoor WiFi network, aiding in the optimization of this network. Originally designed for a mining industry’s communication solution, it can be used in any industry with an outdoor wireless network.

About KNS Communications

KNS opened its doors in 1979 and since then has been engineering, deploying and maintaining wireless ecosystems in a multitude of environments including mining, oil and gas, agriculture, public safety, utilities, higher education and governments. Our team of RF engineers has expertise covering the broad range of wireless technologies such as Microwave, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, WiFi Mesh, Two-Way Radio and SCADA.

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