KNS Designs New Green Trailer

KNS Communication’s Trailers Change Look and Improve Capability

By Emily Usset
March 30, 2017

Denver, CO – KNS Communications Consultants recently redesigned and enhanced its line of Communications Trailers by expanding the solar capacity and increasing space for components. Additionally, we have introduced the new color, “KNS Green”, to distinguish it from competitors and increase visibility where it is needed.

KNS Communication Trailers come in 3 models, CT3, CT6, and CT7. Each model is designed to handle all WiFi, Two-Way Voice and SCADA radio applications. Power options include: Solar, fuel cell, wind and diesel generator. Whether its several days or a few hours of independent operation, KNS can customize a power solution to meet your needs. “We’ve been refining our designs for the past several years and if the sales are any indication we are meeting more of our customer requirements than ever”, said Sue Thomas, President of KNS.

With advances in technology and power options these trailers have more applications than ever. From security and surveillance, to temporary communications for disasters, KNS has a solution to meet your needs for mobile communications. To learn more, please visit

About KNS Communications

Founded in 1979, KNS focuses on engineering, deploying and maintaining outdoor wireless ecosystems in a multitude of environments including mining, oil and gas, agriculture, public safety, utilities, higher education and governments. With installations on all seven continents, our team of RF engineers has over 150 years of combined experience in technologies such as Microwave, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, WiFi Mesh, Two-Way Radio and SCADA.

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